About Us
Sparkle One Facilities Management Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated as a private limited company. We owe our unique reputation to a dedicated team and close working relationships with our clients, deep understanding confidence in our abilities. Our facilities management team comprises of motivated individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of services industry. Our team of employees pride themselves on their high levels of responsiveness towards our client needs, our time management and the orderly manner in which all tasks are implemented.

Sparkle One Facilities Management Sdn Bhd will focus its efforts to develop itself into the “Choice of Servicing Partner” for present and potential client. In this context, it will continue to build upon its core business while at the same time, explore opportunity to expand and diversify into related synergistic business such as operations and maintenance.

We deploy strategies that endeavor to CONTRIBUTE significantly to our customer’s core mission and bottom line. As a team, we establish facility management and premises practices that turn cost into contributor. It is our ability to understand client specific needs and the INNOVATIVE APPLICATION of our skills and knowledge that delivers real values.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading integrated and innovative facility Management Company, driven by customer focus, technology and highest Quality standard.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to maximize each client’s competitive position by Providing innovative solutions and value added services in a way that Exceeds their quality expectations.

Our Core Values

We recognize that vital role of each employee. Thus, we will Develop and maintain a total quality culture that facilities each Employees drive for excellent.

We believe that all of us are responsible for:
  • Creating customer delight
  • Superior quality
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork – work as one
  • Integrity – fair, honest and accountable
  • Passion – deliver from that heart
  • Innovation – continuous improvement
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